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Online Image Editing with Photopea

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If you promote your business on social media, websites and other online platforms, you need your images to look the best they can. Whether it's making sure your pictures are the right size and resolution, or perhaps more advanced editing like retouching; this course will teach you how to get the most professional finish for your online images.

Photopea is a FREE editing software similar to Photoshop CC with just as much power.

“The course was very good. The level of tuition was just right. Very detailed and allowed for the fact that the students needed individual help on occasions. I would recommend this course.”
Kathryn, Photopea course participant

What we cover

Over the four days you will:

  • Understand image sizes and resolution
  • Edit images for screen
  • Create new graphics from scratch
  • Add text to your photos and pictures
  • Master a wide range of tools
  • Utilise layers for advanced composition and editability

This course is a great way to learn the basics of image editing without too much jargon and with support from an experienced tutor. You will also have the opportunity to network and connect with other local businesses.

The essentials

Location: All of our courses are being delivered remotely using specialist training software. So you get all the benefits of classroom training from the comfort of your own home (or office).

Duration: Courses are four days long, spread over separate weeks so that they are easier to fit around work and school schedules.

Cost: All of our courses are FUNDED – meaning that they are either FREE to eligible businesses, or heavily subsidised. Wherever possible, DPN will use funding to cover the costs of the training. You can contact us now to find out whether you or your business is eligible.

Entry Level: Our courses are designed to be inclusive for people with some experience, and those trying it for the first time.


Wherever possible DPN will access funding to subsidise training costs, please ask for more details.


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