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DPN have been offering a range of funded courses in digital skills since 2001. Whatever the nature of the training you require, DPN will work with you to identify the best training to suit the needs of you or your team.

More than a training provider, DPN have led Government projects on creating training methodologies and delivery to best meet the needs of local businesses. Each subject is delivered by highly trained tutors who are experienced int heir respective fields.

Our courses can be delivered face-to-face in a classroom or remotely using our specialised training software. Each course is delivered over four days spread over separate weeks to make it easier to fit around work and school schedules.

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What's On This Month Digital Training For Small Businesses

What's On This Month - Upcoming Digital Training

Come see which digital training Digital Peninsula Network has on!

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All our courses and webinars are FUNDED – meaning that they are either FREE to eligible businesses, or heavily subsidised. Wherever possible, DPN will use funding to cover the costs of the training.

Take a look at the full list of DPN courses and webinars available below for more information. If you don't see the course you need, feel free to get in touch and we'll help you out. 

Current courses

DPN digital marketing
Digital Marketing Diploma
Learn all the tools you could possibly need to grow your business with DPN's Digital Marketing Diploma. Training sessions are spead across a few days per month for 12-18 months, suitable for existing employees and new recruits.
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Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing
Learn Digital Marketing with our 9-day course. Get familiar with all the latest digital marketing tactics and gain practical experience for building your own business and career.
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Skills Bootcamp in Marketing Apprenticeship Pathway
Prepare yourself for a career in Marketing with our 9-day course.
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Skills Bootcamp Web Development Profile Image
Skills Bootcamp in Website Development
Learn Web Development in 9 sessions. We'll arm you with the skills and knowledge you need to create and grow a successful website.
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Canva for Business short course
Learn Canva's FREE Design Tools
Learn how to use Canva's FREE design tools in a fun and supportive environment, with no previous graphic design experience required.
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Content Creation Short Course
Content Creation for Small Businesses
Learn how to master the art of successful and engaging content for your business. Join us for our four-day FUNDED course and we'll take you through the steps to creating exceptional content and images for websites, social media, email marketing, and more.
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Social Media Strategy Course, Social Media Marketing, Short Course, Online Training, Small Business Support
Social Media Strategy
Take your social media efforts to the next level by concentrating your efforts where you'll find the biggest return.
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Current webinars

Webinar - Understanding TikTok
 Join DPN's Marketing Manager for a FREE two-hour webinar learning how to engage with trends, grow your following, and build your confidence using the platform.
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Learn email marketing, how to create business emails, how to make business emails, how to create a mailing list, how to do email marketing
Webinar - Learn Email Marketing
Attend our two-hour webinar to learn how to create your own email campaigns using email marketing software.
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Online Mobile Video Editing webinar for small businesses, how to edit video on mobile, apps for editing video, how to edit videos for social media, small business video editing
Webinar - Mobile Video Editing
Join DPN for a FREE two-hour webinar showing you how to edit professional-looking videos on your phone, with no previous experience or technical know-how required.
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Video for Social Media, video editing, filming video, how to film video, how to make videos for social media
Webinar - Video for Social Media
Enjoy DPN's FREE two-hour webinar showing you how to create and post proessional looking videos to social media.
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Webinar - Master Meta Business Suite
Join DPN’s Marketing Manager for a FULLY FUNDED two-hour webinar pulling back the curtain and showing you how to make the most of these tools and apply them to your own business.
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Webinar - Understanding Ecommerce
Join us for our two-hour webinar to cut through the jargon and explain some of the most popular options for selling online from a small business perspective.
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Instagram for business, how to use instagram, small business instagram, how to use instagram as a small business
Webinar - Instagram for Business
Join our FREE two-hour webinar supporting you to develop an understanding of Instagram and build confidence in using the platform to promote your business. 
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Facebook Advertising Webinar, free webinar, how to use facebook ads, how to advertise on facebook, how to use meta suite
Webinar - Facebook Advertising
Join our FREE two-hour webinar on how to use Facebook’s advertising tools effectively, no matter how small your budget is.
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Get to know SEO, how to use SEO, what is SEO, SEO for small businesses
Webinar – Get to know SEO
Join our FREE two-hour webinar to learn the skills you need to make your website stand out against the crowd. No jargon, just simple to follow steps and advice for those with little or no experience of Search Engine Optimisation.
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Getting Started With Video, how to use video, how to film video, how to get started with video, how to make videos, how to make videos for social media
Webinar - Getting started with video
FREE two-hour webinar explaining all you need to get started with video.
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Online Facebook Advertising Webinar for small businesses, Facebook Business Pages, Facebook for Business, How to use facebook
Webinar - Facebook for Business
FREE two-hour webinar for anyone getting started with a Facebook business page or looking to improve their business activities.
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Canva Logo in blue and purple
Webinar - Canva for Social Media
Join DPN for a FREE two-hour webinar on how to create professional-looking designs, social media posts, videos and more. Take your social media activities to a new level with DPN’s Canva for Social Media webinar
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