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Principles of Digital Marketing

Principles of Digital Marketing Short Course for Small Businesses - Digital Peninsula Network

Learn the concepts of how digital marketing really works 

Our Principles of Digital Marketing four-day short course is a career-boosting course designed for individuals who want to expand their knowledge and evidence their skills with a Level 3 qualification – equivalent to an ‘A Level’. The short course will deliver a range of topics to understand how marketing works for boosting your business.

Why you should attend 

We'll show you how to use digital marketing techniques E.g. SEO, PPC, & more. Build your confidence across the most prominent aspects of digital marketing. Achieve a Level 3 qualification that you can use to progress your career & on your CV.

This course is perfectly positioned for learners looking for career development or experiencing a need for digital marketing skills in their business.

As with many of our courses, the content is delivered over four days spread over separate weeks to make it easier to fit around work and school schedules. However, this course also includes a Level 3 qualification.

Want to know more? We'll be looking at:

The principles of all the key digital marketing areas such as: search marketing, search engine optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, email marketing, web analytics and metrics, and mobile apps.

Social media platforms and how to maximise each for your personal situation or business.

Utilising digital marketing to meet your customer's needs.

Security, data protection, and keeping your business safe online.

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Where possible, DPN will use funding to cover the costs of training. Contact us now to find out whether you or your business is eligible.