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Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are booking onto one of our training events, here’s some general information that applies to most of our courses. If you have further questions, just call us on 01736 333700.

Can I bring my own laptop?
Yes, you can bring your own. We do also supply laptops if necessary. For some courses, there are parts of the training which require you to use our laptops. We will always have any relevant software loaded onto the laptops for the training e.g. Photoshop.

Where can I find out more info about courses?
You can either read more on our training pages or, even better, get in touch with us directly by telephone 01736 333700, or email

What do I need to bring to the courses?
We will supply learning handouts, laptops and access to software. We will supply all that is necessary to complete the course. However, you may find it useful to bring a notepad and pen for taking any extra notes you may have along the course. Sometimes you may need logins to your own online platforms to get the most out of the course, so always check you know these before attending. More information about specific courses will be emailed to you before the start date.

Where can I find my Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number?
Your UTR is a 10-digit number and may simply be called ‘tax reference’. If you are a sole trader, partnership or other small business type, it can be used to evidence that you are a business eligible for funding aimed at SMEs. We may ask for it when we are booking you onto the course. It can be found on any previous tax returns and documents from HMRC. For example, payment reminders and notices to file a return. You can also find it in your HMRC Online Account. If you’re still stuck, we recommend taking a look at GOV.UK’s website for more information:

Will I receive a certificate for attending a course?
The answer is basically depends on the course! Some of our courses result in qualifications, some are all about skills.

Where can I leave feedback on courses?
Make sure you complete your feedback form at the end of the course and if you’re feeling extra kind, leave us a review on any of our Social Media @dpntraining or Google. If you want to speak directly about any of our courses, contact us by telephone on 01736 333700, or email

Do I need to bring my own lunch?
We supply coffee, tea and biscuits over lunch and breaks. However, it is recommended that you bring lunch or check whether our learning venue has local shops if needed.

Do I need to already have Photoshop before joining the Photoshop training?
No, we will supply laptops with an up-to-date version of Photoshop already installed on them. If you already have Photoshop though and would like to use your own laptop, you’re welcome to bring that along and use your own instead.

Do I need to have accounts for all the Social Media platforms on the course?
It is not essential, but it is incredibly useful to both you and tutor if you already have an account set up with the social media listed on the course before attending and your login information ready. It is also free to set up any of these accounts beforehand. If you’ve not yet set up with an account, we recommend just posting a couple of photos or posts on them.

Do I need to have an account registered before attending the MailChimp course?
Nope! We’ll make you one in advance and email you the details for it, so make sure you have an email account you have access to. 

Do I need to have a WordPress website before attending the WordPress training?
We will supply you with a website to build upon from scratch. We keep these up for you for 3-6 months after training for you to continue playing around on and practising with. If you wish to maintain this website for longer, we keep a backup of it in storage and can help you get set up hosting with a domain and transferring it across. If you have a WordPress site already, you can make changes to that, however, we recommended that you use the supplied practice ones in case of any mistakes you may make. 

What happens if a course is cancelled?
We do not cancel courses lightly – only in cases of extreme weather or other adversity. If a course is cancelled, we call participants as soon as we can and rearrange the training.

What happens if I am unable to make it on the days I am meant to attend?
Please let us know as soon as you know you will not be attending. Due to the structure of the courses and the funding, it is best not to miss any of the training if it can be avoided.

How much do the courses cost?
At current, our courses are fully funded – so to you, free! Eligibility criteria does apply, so please give us a call to find out if you are able to access the full funding. T: 01736 333700 E:

How do I book onto a course?
To book onto a course, get in touch by either phone or email. T: 01736 333700 E:

Parking Availability
Parking varies from venue to venue and the information for each shall be sent to you via email before the course. We do however always ensure that our venues have available public transport, park and ride or on-site parking. Please specify if you need on-site parking specifically.

What level are the courses aimed at?
Our courses are aimed towards beginner-intermediate unless specified otherwise.

How large are the class sizes?
Class sizes will vary from course to course depending on the training, location and venue. To find out more about the course you’re enquiring about, you can get in touch with our recruiters by telephone or email. T: 01736 333700 E: