Click on each of the below success stories to find out more about how funded training from DPN helped local business grow:


Joanne Blake, Ceramics Academy - Apprenticeship

Joanne Blake has been working as a Technician at the Ceramics Academy and undertaking an apprenticeship as a Digital Marketer since last January. Find out more.


Jacqueline Wild, Illustrator: Shopify websites

Jacqueline is an illustrator who creates "magical art for wild souls and free spirits". She used a DPN training course as a motivator to take control of her online selling and personal branding. Find out more

Andrew Beard, Printmaker: WordPress

Andrew is a retired Architect following his passion for printmaking. Andrew created his own WordPress website with the help of DPN's training and is now selling his prints online and working with local galleries. Find out more


Samantha Hulme, Tidey Finds: Content Creation

Samantha Hulme has a passion for creativity and has spent many years following this passion. Like many others, she started multiple craft businesses in the past, but her heart hasn’t ever been truly in the business side of things. Find out more

Sarah Henn, Helyk Homesteading: Content Creation

Sarah Henn lives off-grid. And not just ‘in a little village’, proper off-grid. The turn on a generator to power up a laptop kind of off-grid.

Add two outdoor-based businesses into the mix and it’s no surprise that digital marketing was not at the forefront of Sarah’s business plans. Find out more


Stephanie Perkins, Scilly Billy: Social Media Marketing

Stephanie Perkins was raised on St Martin’s, Isles of Scilly. She spent her formative years on the Isles before travelling the world and building a career as a copywriter. After years of living in New Zealand, Stephanie decided to return to St Martin’s in 2014. Find out more

Nina Packer, Artist: WordPress

Nina Packer (@nina_packer) was raised in a house full of art and creativity. Art has always been a passion of hers and one she has longed to pursue. Find out more