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BLIP @ Newlyn Art Gallery

26 October to 30 October 2004

BLIP @ Newlyn is a 5 day event exploring the creative potential of combining art, science and technology. Blip is a forum where artists and scientists can meet, exchange ideas, get advice, form collaborations and seed projects. It aims to explore the relationship between scientific enquiry and artistic practice, and stimulate new critical debate from this contemporary cultural hybrid. This is the first BLIP event in Cornwall and has international artists, speakers and performers.
A key element of BLIP is an exhibition of generative art by international and regional artists. A goal of generative art is to produce work that has novel or surprising qualities not envisaged by the artist and it is often created with computers which are set running and then left to operate independently. Other works on show rely on processes set up by the artists which are then guided by and ultimately controlled by audience interaction.
Australia’s leading new media artist, Jon McCormack is exhibiting the award-winning interactive animation Turbulence that explores what life would be like if it were made from computer algorithms rather than flesh and blood. You can also see Richard Brown’s mimetic starfish, a life-like animation that responds to human touch and was described as “the best bit of the entire Millenium Dome” by The Times. Other exhibits include, biologically-inspired robots, collaborative art-science projects, interactive skipping and sound installations. The exhibition is child friendly and there will be lots of opportunities for hands on exploration of the exhibits and to talk to the many of the artists.
Drop-in workshop sessions and talks by participating artists and scientists will take place throughout the event.
For more information visit: http://www.blip.me.uk or email andy@andywebster.info
Supported by Arts Council Engalnd and Falmouth College of Arts

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