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Apprenticeship FAQs

Choosing an apprenticeship can be daunting process. There's so much information out there and dfferent opinions sounding off. That's why we've listed the most regular questions we get asked by prospective apprentices.

Frequently Asked Questions for Apprentices

Why choose a digital apprenticeship?
A digital apprenticeship gives you applicable, work-based experience for a broad range of businesses. The digital marketer apprenticeship could grant you the skills that businesses really need to move forward and thrive in the modern work environment.
The digital marker apprenticeship allows you to earn whilst learning, you can even take up the apprenticeship in your current work role. This allows you to avoid student debt whilst gaining thousands of pounds worth of training as you stay in touch with the real working world.

Can I join an apprenticeship for the job I already do?
The ability to pursue an apprenticeship is available to you at any time during your career. It can be a flexible and alternative way to obtain valuable skills that contribute to the role you already do or progress you further.

Am I too old or young to do an apprenticeship?
As long as you are 16 or over, there is no age limit for apprenticeships. You’re able to apply for an apprenticeship straight after school, or later during your career. It can also be a route to developing valuable skills into a role that you already undertake.

If I have a degree, can I do a digital apprenticeship?
Having a degree may impact your eligibility for an apprenticeship if your qualification is specifically related to the subject of the apprenticeship. If you only got part way through your degree learning or left before completion, you are likely to still be fully legible for an apprenticeship. It is best to contact the Digital Peninsula Network apprenticeship team directly to ensure your eligibility and other options.

Why choose an apprenticeship through Digital Peninsula Network?
An apprenticeship with Digital Peninsula Network (DPN) will be delivered through specialist online training technology. As a small and dynamic adult training provider, we have specialised in digital subjects since 2001. We are unique in our flexible approach and close relationships with small businesses throughout Cornwall. We strive to keep up to date with new ways to deliver training which are right up-to-date with skills that businesses require and the demands of the digital world. We often trial new elements and approaches to our apprenticeships and we offer high levels of support to all of our learners.

What apprenticeship does DPN offer?
As an expert in building the digital skills of businesses and individuals, DPN specialises in delivering apprenticeships in Digital Marketing. Our Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeships allows participants to learn all the tools you could possibly need to grow your business, and achieve a Digital Marketing Diploma upon completion.

You can find out more about what's involved in our Digital Marketing Apprenticeships by clicking here.