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Digital skills training

Based in Penzance, Digital Peninsula Network (DPN) is a leader in designing training methods to upskill sole traders, small businesses, and individuals in digital skills. DPN has developed and delivered innovative training courses in partnership with employers to over 3,000 participants across the South West of England within the last five years.

We offer learners an online training delivery service to support businesses throughout the South West, utilising our tutors, video conferencing tools, and a specialist online training platform to maintain the level of education delivered in person. Top subjects include website creation, social media marketing, and how to sell products online.

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Helping businesses progress

"The ability to write my online course overviews with confidence has been a game-changer for me. Delivering my courses face-to-face has never been a problem but moving this online felt daunting, until I completed the Content Creation course with DPN.”

Read more about how DPN's courses have helped Sarah take her outdoors business online.

Practical experience courses

DPN recognises that small businesses are faced with the near-impossible task of spinning multiple plates at the same time. There’s an appetite to learn valuable digital skills but finding a way to fit this into an already-hectic schedule can be challenging.

That’s why we deliver funded training offerings aimed at giving small businesses practical digital training in high-demand marketing areas to bring skills in-house and help reduce external costs. Our offerings include two-hour practical webinars, digital skills short courses, and digital marketing apprenticeships. 

All our training has been developed to allow the participant to not only learn a new skill but to have practical experience in implementing their learning. We put the participant's needs at the forefront when developing our courses, asking ourselves questins like "What’s the point of learning how to build a WordPress website if you don’t build a site during your training?"

You’ll leave DPN’s training with life-long skills regardless of the training length you undertake. This could be learning how to use Facebook Ads through a two-hour webinar or building their own WordPress website through our short course.

Life-long learning

Our funded Digital Marketing Apprenticeship gives participants 12-18 months of industry-leading training delivered remotely for their convenience. Whether the business is made up of 2 or 200 people, anyone who is not alone in the business, or is considering taking on a helping hand can be eligible for the diploma.

Participants will benefit from 12-18 months of funded training, learning up-to-date marketing theory and practical skills through a combination of online learning and practical workplace experience.

Training takes place every other Friday in a virtual classroom – making it flexible and easy to join from the office while working around work schedules and other responsibilities.

Digital Directory and Networking

DPN manages the largest directory of digital service providers in the South West of England. The DPN Directory is a network of over 200 providers on hand to support your business needs acoss a vast range of services.

In addition, DPN also runs Network Cornwall, a successful network of businesswomen based in Cornwall with over 11,000 members from 4,500 different businesses.

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