Are you ready for National Skills Day?

Thursday 25th May 2006 is National Skills Day, don’t miss your chance to be involved.

Thursday 25th May 2006 is National Skills Day, don’t miss your chance to be involved. After the success of last year Skillset is keen to promote National Skills Day to you and your workers. Last year 108 organisations / individuals supported National Skills Day through hosting events and offering support. The events ranged from Dr Who Masterclass, job swaps, workshops in Steadicam, to stage fighting and how to cook a squid.
Get involved now and help raise awareness of the importance of skills and careers progression to the future of the industry.
For information on how you and your organization can get involved with this project and to register your interest, please contact:-
Emily Bullock, National Skills Day Co-ordinator -

Other news

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Sioban Osborne of Digital Peninsula Network will be looking at the different elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy and how to track/record results as well as how to target specific client groups using Customer Profiling and why you would do this.
The PONToon model will use a range of new technologies such as games development and 3D/virtual reality technology, social media and web/mobile apps to provide a model to engage with, support and up-skill women in order to support their economic inclusion. This represents a progression from the use of digital technologies for social inclusion to uses for economic inclusion.
Digital Peninsula Network has developed a Digital Careers tool with funding from the European Social Fund and Skills Funding Agency delivered through Cornwall College.